Leo1 with Esprit 120 & Canon 60Da

This is another urban imaging effort. The target is a very dim satellite galaxy of the Milky Way some 820,000 light years distant - Leo1. This galaxy is faint and it was tricky to tease out of the light pollution in my driveway. The bright star in the image is Regulus. Click on the image to see an earlier attempt with poor framing. Click again to return to this image.
Object Leo1 RA 10:08:24 Dec 12:17:38
Date 18 May 2018
Exposure 80 minutes (20 X 2400 seconds)
ISO 800
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics SkyWatcher Esprit 120  f/7 APO refractor with  a  focal length of 840 mm

Bedford, St. Croix, Nova Scotia

Processing Calibration, stacking and arcsinh stretch in Images Plus . Masked noise reduction , sharpening and contrast enhancement applied in Images plus. Image binned and cropped for web display.